Welcome to YLJ Art Shop: Where Diamond Painting Dreams Come True!

Hey there, fellow crafters! Alex Jonges here, the diamond painting enthusiast turned founder of YLJ Art Shop. Let me spill the beans on how we're turning the diamond painting game upside down!

A Quest for Perfection: Our Diamond Painting Saga

Picture this: me, frustrated with shoddy canvases and dull diamonds. Yep, been there! That's why YLJ Art Shop was born—to save us all from those low-quality kits and offer a diamond painting haven!

From the Netherlands to Taiwan, where I now call home with my awesome fam, we've teamed up with the crème de la crème factory in China. These guys? They’re the diamond painting gurus, providing us with top-notch materials.



Quality Redefined: The YLJ Art Shop Experience

Quality Canvases. Showing ECO oil and Silk Flocking Canvas

Let’s talk quality! Our canvases? Smooth as silk! They lie flat without a fuss. The adhesives? A real game-changer! They keep those diamonds in place, no slipping and sliding. And our diamonds? Oh boy, they sparkle like fireworks!

Our Mission: Making Diamond Painting Your Jam

Here's the deal—we want EVERYONE to rock diamond painting without breaking the bank. Quality stuff, epic customer service, and killer prices? You got it! We're here to turn your diamond painting dreams into reality.

Why Choose YLJ Art Shop

Get in Touch

Hey, got ideas, queries, or just want to chat all things diamond painting? Send us an Email or hop on live chat! Your happiness is what keeps us going.

So, thank you for choosing YLJ Art Shop. Let's paint the town… I mean, your canvases, with dazzling diamonds!

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